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Are you a social impact professional looking to make a career or life change? I'm here to help you find the right path and make the transition easier. Together, we'll identify your unique skills and passions and guide you to making your biggest positive impact while living your best life. 


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I'm Julia Firestone


Hi there! I'm an ICF-Certified Coach, facilitator, and social impact strategist with over a decade of experience in nonprofits, corporate social impact, and startups.

I coach advocates, activists, and social impact professionals to become more effective leaders in their organizations, move through big life changes, and achieve personal and professional goals.

If you're on the precipice of a big life decision - about your career, relationships (romantic, family-related or friendships), moving to a new place, or other changes, I'd love to accompany you through a Clarity Coaching Session.

We'll identify the choices available for you, uncover limiting beliefs, and I'll share tools like visualization and empowering questions to help you gain clarity and confidence in the next right move.

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"Working with Julia helped me put words to the devaluing that I had been experiencing but not quite sure how to explain. She also helped bring a ton of clarity to what I wanted next out of my career."

- Thamarrah Jones

"I'm about to take an exciting step forward in my leadership journey and I used so many of the tools Julia taught me to decide when it was time to assess my current org and the new ones I was exploring, to talk about myself and the communities I want to serve, and to advocate for fair compensation."

- Kamilah Reid-Burrell

"Julia provided concrete recommendations on how to overcome the specific barriers I came across in the job change process and listened attentively and compassionately to many of the doubts and insecurities I shared. Thanks to her help, I was able to confidently network in a new field and recognize the value and skills I brought to the table as an interdisciplinary social impact professional. "

- Yolanda Botti-Lodovico
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On the precipice of a big life decision?

We'll identify the choices available for you, uncover limiting beliefs, and use tools like visualization and empowering questions to help you gain clarity and confidence in the next right move. 

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The Purpose Career Lab is a 3-month career change program for people in social impact fields. Our full program cohort is already running, but big news! You can now access the digital course and workbook on its own! 

Go at your own pace through 9 modules focused on helping you land the next right role while maintaining your well-being along the way to bring greater ease to your next career move.

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Kickstart your career move with this step-by-step guide for project-based networking to make your job search easier, quicker, and more joyful.
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Gain valuable insights and strategies to help you make a successful transition to your next social impact role.


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Dec 07, 2023

The Purpose Career Lab is changing in September 2023

Jul 05, 2023

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With over a decade of experience leading workshops, trainings, and facilitating gatherings for hundreds of people around the world and virtually, I bring a toolkit of ICF-certified coaching practices, innovation methodologies to drive innovative thinking, and extensive experience moderating panel discussions and interviews with a highly inclusive and equitable lens to: 

increase collaboration,

improve motivation and team alignment,

and strengthen organizational reputation and brand.

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