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I coach the next generation of social impact leaders to make your biggest positive impact with maximum joy.

Become the leader this world needs by following your own lead. 

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There's a special kind of magic that happens when purpose-driven people gather.

Join us for this facilitated community-building hour (no charge!) where you'll meet other folks in our community in a low-pressure virtual environment.

Bring along a cozy cup of tea and come as you are - working from home in your PJs? Great. Hiding in a conference room? Awesome. On a walk joining on audio? Love that for you.

The next Community Open House is February 15th from 12-1pm EST

Reset your week with people who want you to thrive.

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Meet me at a chateau in the South of France this February. 

February 3rd-7th 2023
Whether you're considering a career change, starting your own venture, or taking time to recover from burnout, this retreat is designed to nourish you and reinvigorate your commitment to making your biggest positive impact in the world while living your best life.

✔️ Stay in a gorgeous renovated chateau surrounded by vineyards just outside Montpellier, France 
✔️ Daily yoga and/or mindfulness to support your rest and healing
✔️ Personal development, creative, innovative, and transformational workshops to re-ignite your passion for the positive impact you want to make in the world
✔️ Go on local excursions for fresh perspectives like mountain views, historic sites, and deep rest 
✔️ Enjoy home-cooked delicious meals and wine made on-site (it's really good)


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Join forces with other people who work for social impact:

The Purpose Career Lab. 

12 hours of group coaching calls

✔️ Get live advice, professional introductions, and support on topics like leadership growth, thought leadership, self-advocacy, confidence, and communication skills.

Self-paced content

✔️ You'll get access to the digital course and downloadable workbook (yours to keep) to help you clarify needs and values, hone skills of decision-making, navigate fears, strengthen and grow professional relationships, tell your story, build your career roadmap, and more.

Small-group program

✔️  We maximize the depth and quality of support and connection during live calls by keeping our live coaching group small, but you'll also tap into our larger group chat space where you can ask for help any time from current and past members and Julia.

Your career growth doesn't have to hurt.

"There's something special and inspiring when people who were virtual strangers become a trusted network that supports my aspirations and career transition.

The combination of practical connections and resources and encouragement and insights has given me a greater sense of clarity and confidence that I did not have before joining the Purpose Career Lab." - J, Leader in Public Health

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Julia Firestone, a certified Career Transformation coach.

I work with mid-career purpose-driven people to

⚡️ build your confidence,

🏆 develop your strengths,

⚖️ & live a life in alignment with your values.

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What clients are saying


Julia created a group that was straight away at ease with itself. The daily challenges really encouraged us to look deep within ourselves and to help find the answers and ways forward ourselves. By sharing with others in the group we could encourage and deepen our enquiry and understanding of ourselves. The best bits for me were the visualisations and end of week wrap-up. Julia has special powers when it comes to leading visualisations as they have such a profound galvanising effect on me! 


Working with Julia helped bring a ton of clarity to what I wanted next out of my career, but what was even more impactful was the work we did around removing the internalized doubt I had about my own capabilities. I highly recommend anyone looking to make an impact on society to invest in themselves by working with Julia.


I highly recommend working with Julia! I worked with her 1:1 and she was so helpful; intuitive, thoughtful, reflective, and supported holistic growth through lots of creative approaches.

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Dec 06, 2022

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